Find The IMEI Number Of Motorola iDen Unit

 1Turn on your phone. Open the dialing screen and then press #, *, Menu, Right key. Don’t pause between key presses, or you will have to start over.

 2Locate your IMEI. On units with SIM cards, scroll down until you see “IMEI/SIM ID” and press Enter. From here you can view your IMEI, SIM, and on some units, your MSN. The first fourteen digits are displayed; the fifteenth is always a 0.

  • On older units without SIM cards, continue to hit the Right key until you see IMEI [0] on the display. The first seven digits are displayed. Write these down, as only 7 digits are displayed at a time.
  • Press the Menu key and then the Next button to display the next seven digits. The fifteenth and final digit is most often a 0.